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ENTR offers a wide range of benefits to creators and gamers, including community rewards for all members. Come join the vanguard in a swiftly expanding domain, marketing the dawn of the next era of gaming and digital ownership.

Creator Program


To continue what you do best, create!

Why not reap rewards while creating gaming content? Creators of ENTR unlock exclusive perks, rewards for both you and your audience, and access to support that will streamline channel growth, and elevate your personal brand in the Web3 gaming realm.

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Join as a valued community member, even if you are not a creator, and unlock a plethora of rewards. You will have the opportunity to partake in creator-supported giveaways, draws, drops, and more! Additionally, join our tournaments and show your skills as you compete for enticing prize pools. Be a key player in our voting system for best creator content, helping shape the direction of our community. ENTR is designed to make your gaming experience richer and more enjoyable.

Your voice matters, and as a member, you are an essential part of our community. Join now and let the rewards flow in and the excitement begin!

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Entr Benefits

The ENTR program provides a variety of benefits and rewards to both gamers and creators, encompassing community rewards such as in-game items and exclusive access to VIP opportunities, and more.

VIP Opportunities

Early access to games, exclusive events, community missions, creator partnerships, and more!

Community Challenges

Team up, collaborate, or challenge other members for specific events and win rewards!

Creator Support

Access to our support team that will help you grow your channel.


Creator Requirements

Our team will review each application to ensure that we are bringing the right creators into the community. That said, don't feel disheartened if you are just starting your creator career. We will accept new creators as long as we see a level of dedication and passion towards your growth. Submit an application today and are team will get back to you within 48 hours. 

Agree to Code of Conduct

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You are ambitious with a desire to grow.

You are Active throughout the week.

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ENTR Program members access exclusive benefits across various games, boosting their Web3 gaming brand and content. Not a creator? Join as a community member to enjoy perks through creator support and community engagement. . 

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Any questions?

What are the eligibility requirements for the ENTR Creators Program?

The requirements to apply as a creator in the ENTR Creators Program are simple. If you fit the following, you are eligible to apply: You have agreed to follow our Code of Conduct terms. You have the dedication and ambition to grow within our creator’s program and in the Web3 gaming industry. You are an active content creator/streamer throughout the week.

What kind of rewards/benefits do creators and members have access to?

For creators, there are many ways that you can earn within our community. These include giveaways for in-game items, NFT/Smart NFT drops, tournament prize pools, become a game ambassador with one of our game partners*, support from our partner channels to help build your personal brand, and more! We have also allocated a creator fund to the program, where you can be rewarded for the content that you make. * Members of the community will also have access to benefits and rewards. The ENTR Creators Program will host several community wide giveaways with our game partners that you would be eligible to partake in. We will also co-host giveaways, drops, and more with our creators. Through our community you will be able to stay up to date with all the ways that you can engage, play, and earn through Web3 gaming. *Terms and conditions apply.

How do I apply to become a creator for the ENTR Creators Program?

We’ve made the process as seamless as possible. You can submit your application here.

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How long does it take to hear back after I submit my application?

Our team will work hard to get you a response as soon as possible. We aim to respond to all applicants within a 48-hour time period.

What kind of support does a creator receive from the ENTR Creators Program?

All creators will receive support through our partner social channels, and discord channels to assist in boosting your interaction and visibility rate. As a creator, you will receive digital affiliate gear for your channels, and ample support and opportunities to elevate your personal brand and advance your gaming career.

Why was the ENTR Creators Program created?

The ENTR Creators Program was built and is managed by Altura, a Web3 gaming infrastructure platform for building and scaling Web3 games. Our team created this program because we want to provide support to our fellow creators by giving them a better shot at following their passion, and to increase the engagement for gamers. Our aim is to witness the growth of gaming enthusiasts and ensure they have a great time playing games. That's our mission.